Artnet 2016 (read more) Artnet Guide to 2016 Armory Week

Untapped 2016 (read more) Untapped Cities 2016 Guide to Armory Week

Harlem Trends 2016 (read more) West Harlem Art Fund & Iconic Linx present FUSION NY

WBAI Radio 2015 (listen) State of the Arts

Art Daily 2015 (read more) West Harlem Art Fund & Pratt’s Digital Media present “Synced: Under the Viaduct

Hyperallergic (read more) ArtRx NYC

New York Times 2015 (read more) River Road

Untapped Cities 2015 (read more) 17 outdoor art installations not to miss in June

Artnet 2015 (read more) 15 can’t miss summer installations

Art Daily 2014 (read more) Under the Viaduct

NY Daily News  2014 (read more) Art Fuses with Technology

Artnet 2014 (read more) Artist Renders East River Flows

NY Daily News 2014 (read more) The H in Harlem

DNAinfo 2014 (read more) Light Show Under the Viaduct

Untapped Cities 2014 (read more) Light Graffitti

Artslant Street 2013 (read more) Yellow Brick Road by Badder Israel Installation Magazine (read more)

East Harlem Play(LABS) 2013 NY Daily News (read more)

ARMORY ARTS WEEK 2013 Huffington Post (read more)

Sacred Body Art by the Omo Valley People 2012 Art Daily (read more)

WEST HARLEM ART FUND IN TIME SQUARE Los Angeles Times (see more)

LA Times Wall Street Journal (see more)

Photos of the Week DNAinfo (read more)

West Harlem Art Fund bring paper installation to Times Square NY1 (see more)

Gumboot Juba Installation at the Mink Building for the Armory Show 

Downtown Express (read more) Loosely Coupled Exhibition on Governor’s Island DNAinfo (read more)

West Harlem Art Fund on Governor’s Island Harlem World (read more)

West Harlem Art Fund in Chelsea for the Affordable Art Fair



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